So I was scanning the last of the film I shot at the Grand Canyon in january to post a few. There's one image in particular I was proud of, it was an image I had shot 2 years prior on Kodachrome and hadn't quite done a good job because I didn't understand or even know about reciprocity failure at the time.

Really complicated story simplified, the Velvia I planned to have didn't make it to the post office, and one of the only chromes I had when I got to this image was highly expired Ektachrome EPT (yes the blue stuff).

So the image is blue, and it does have a certain appeal as is, however I feel it would look much better as a B&W converted image. Now, I would assume there is a process, whereby you can print chrome's onto B&W paper, yes I realize it's a positive image, but I'm sure it could be done by reversing the paper or some such thing. So, since I don't have a dark room, develop in my sink in daylight tanks, and don't own an enlarger, I can't print optically, but I want to show the image in my gallery. Am I allowed to convert it to B&W and post it as long as I label it as such? or is that forbidden here?

This is the image...


EDIT: FYI the walls are of some kind of RED stone, the color cast is because it's EPT.