Thanks Elliot for your offer I may get back on that. I have been using BTZS for a few years and had some issues with it.
I have not used slide film or colour film for over ten years now (unless I take photos of my cat). Isn’t it more important to orientate ones exposure a little more to the lighting using slide film? Letting more fall off in the shadows.
With negative film pointing the dome directly to the light source will give us a high SBR and if we develop accordingly we do get rather soft negatives.
I think it is important to keep the contrast up a bit and do the rest in the darkroom. At least in a high contrast scene.
Personally I prefer the incident light meter since I believe (for me) it is easier to get good usable negatives where I get the information on the film.
Still there should be a easy and simple rule how to use a light meter. There are enough people who take wonderful photographs and do not care about testing. Often I get asked how to measure a scene and I never find a simple way to explain it.
The above article does help.