Stone - keep posting your scans. Everyone else does it. I wish people posted more print scans to the gallery instead of negative scans, but even people making darkroom prints sometimes seem to prefer posting scans of the negative to the gallery. Perhaps they find it easier to get a half decent quality representation from a negative scan than a print scan. Don't know.

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Ok ok, I won't convert it.

I don't have access nor the knowledge to print optically.

Also this is a chrome, so NO ONE can't print this optically...

I also don't have the skills or knowledge to copy the image.

The only thing I do is shoot and then develop in my sink. I don't have a darkroom nor anywhere I can make a dark room in my home (I'm not allowed as its not my home).

If someone wants a print, I take the scanned file to a printer and they print it for me. I don't know anyone who owns an enlarger nor any photo labs that still print optically, I do my best to use labs that print with true print paper of course.

This is disclosed ahead of purchase of course.

I love APUG but if I only scanned prints that were made entirely traditional, I wouldn't have any prints to show.

I respect the reason for the "traditional" idea, but I don't think it's fair to be excluded from a community just because I don't have access to something. I'm not harming anyone and I don't discuss non traditional stuff. I was told it was OK to upload scanned negatives so long as they weren't photoshopped. I may do some slight tone adjustment to match the negative when the scanners auto setting picks the wrong mid point, and sometimes i get rid of dust particles. but that's it.

Am I wrong about this too?


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