No love for the Beseler Printmaker 35? There's plenty of them out there, and they use the same lens boards and many parts from the larger 67. I have one in my attic and it was my main studio enlarger in the 90's when I sometimes had to do quick contact sheets or small prints. it'll do up to 11x14 from 35mm out of the box.

You can upgrade it to 6x6 or 6x7 with a condenser & lens board kit - and you'd want a larger lens.

The Beseler 67 (the one with the single column) is a bit bigger but a very sturdy enlarger and is what I use today for up to 20x24 (I mounted it on a 10" box to go that large though). It's still decently compact as enlargers go, and there are plenty of them on the used market.

If you score a deal on a beseler (or any of the other suggestions) check back here for lens recommendations. You can score a Nikkor EL for $30-$50 if you shop around.