hi stone

you can probably print it optically as a black and white image
in a single step using ilford direct positive paper.
i haven't used it yet, a lot of people make in camera prints with ...
and i am guessing it can be enlarged on.

otherwise you can ask a lab to make a black and white print ( as a negative )
and you can go to the hobby store and get sun print paper, and a sheet of glass, and some wax
you heat up the print on the stove, rub wax on it, wipe up the excess
then put it on the sun paper, and in the sun for a long while ...
it will be blue, just like the original image ( sun prints are blue )
if you want to get rid of the blue .. get some super washing soda at the grocery store
and put some in a pan big enough to fit the negative ...
then soak the print
get some fresh water to rinse it ..

its pretty easy, and almost effortless and you don't need a darkroom or fancy chemicals..

have fun !