1 - Nikkor 85mm F1.4 AI-S, SN #212223, front and rear cap and hood, some dust in lens (see pictures) but doesn't affect pictures (see here) - $600
85mm%u00252520f1.4_03.jpg 85mm%u00252520f1.4_02.jpg 85mm%u00252520f1.4_01.jpg

2 - Nikkor 35mm F1.4 AI, SN #402162, front and rear cap and hood - $300
35mm%u00252520f1.4_03.jpg 35mm%u00252520f1.4_02.jpg 35mm%u00252520f1.4_01.jpg

3 - Nikkor 85mm f2 SOLD

Check spec of lens from that site:

Item Location
Colorado, USA

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Add an extra $8 for Canada

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USPS, ask if you want other company

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