Spotmatics. I see clean Spotmatic II's for $20 on a regular basis, most often with a nice Takumar lens attached.

The Spotmatic F is essentially identical to the K1000 -- whose K-mount and cult status make it one of the most over-priced SLRs on the market. That's a hint to students needing a camera, who often overpay for the K1000 because it's recommended to them. Get a Spotmatic F with lens instead, and you get the same camera, for less.

As much as these old cameras "should" have a CLA performed, I have yet to meet a Spotmatic with an inaccurate shutter. (I've owned or handled at least 15 examples and even the grungiest ones were reliable and accurate.) Pentax did a fine job on the Spotmatics. It's no wonder they were reluctant to "update" to a new lens mount, and no wonder they re-used as much as they could when creating the K-mount cameras.

If you don't want an oldie mechanical, then I agree that the Nikon F75 is THE bargain in full-featured modern SLRs.