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I didn't say it was EASY, just possible. B&H sells the chemistry. And I didn't say it was cheap either. Just calling BS on the "impossible"/"NOBODY does it". If you REALLY want to print from transparencies, contact Stephen Frizza (he's a member here on APUG and owns a photo lab in Australia. IIRC he bought a huge stock of Ilfochrome paper and chemistry so he could continue to support the process).
Thanks, now I've had my coffee...

You're right it is possible I guess, I didn't know he had the paper/chems, I'm aware of him from one of the Kodachrome threads. That's actually really helpful. Obviously I don't have the money now but I will certainly contact him (though shipping from Australia is kind of harsh...).

I didn't know about B&H having the chems.

I know they can't ship to Canada though which is where my paper guy is... I may end up "Smuggling" them up to him haha, I'll make a big trip of it, visit GEH and Ron and Fred and then head further north . What an adventure!

Sorry I was kind of harsh with you. I literally didn't know anyone who had both paper and chemistry. Thanks for the info, truly.

And sorry for being a jerk, I feel bad now that I've had my coffee, now it's time to work on the car...


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