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I've got to admit that I, too, find the idea that copying the slide to B&W film just to scan it is OK, but scanning the slide directly isn't, strange. To be consistent, I would think all scans would be banned.
I guess we have to put up with one step of scanning or else it's not possible to share here. This thread is a little hot and maybe I should keep my toes out of it, but I think there's one more thing. Desaturated and B/W "converted" images have a different look to them, even when the original photograph is on film. I'm not saying they can't be nice, but they aren't the same.

I suppose a b/w internegative or making a copy on b/w film might not be the same either...and in some important way maybe that is actually the point: the original light landed on color slide film. And that, surely, is what APUG is about.