I am reassured by the APUG policy to scans of photographs. If it were not for scanners connected to display monitors via the internet sharing pictures would involve mailing work across the world by international post. Some people may remember a time when that was exactly what happened. And it was a cumbersome and expensive process.

The concept that is really important to me personally is that the picture on my monitor looks like the thing that was scanned. What I hate is to be deceived into looking at an electronic file that is a computer re-calculation of a direct scan. Spare me the negatives flipped electronically into positives. Show me the negatives. Negatives are familiar friends. I've met thousands of them. Spare me colour flipped electronically into black and white. Spare me black and white photographs "toned" in Photoshop.

If I really REALLY want to see negatives as positives, colour as black and white, or fake sepia tone I already know how to Photoshop the picture files that come to me from APUG via the internet. I can cook them into anything I like...however ghastly.