Firstly if the film is badly curled, try curling the tip the opposite direction with your fingers so that the first couple of centimetres are straight or only very slightly curvy.

Secondly, take to your spirals with a hairdryer until too hot to touch and then load your film within the next two minutes.

Some films (Acros, TMX) definitely have a glossier/stickier finish than others (most of the Ilford range) that feel more papery and therefore go into spirals much more easily. And then there are horrors like 2405 with gel coating on the back so it's actually gluey on both sides if you have sweaty fingerprints.

The weird leakage pattern is because of the difference in chemistry. Developer sucks the oxygen out of the air and forms a partial vacuum in the tank, so no leaks. Fixer does not, and in fact it may release a little gas during operation and the tank can leak.