Anikin: I'm shooting in the Hexar's Programmed mode, which is said to act similar to Aperture priority on SLRs. Based on what I've read, I can leave the aperture dial ringed in at the maximum, f/2 and the camera will choose the highest available shutter speed until it reaches my set minimum of 1/15th.

When it gets too bright (which is almost always when outdoors) it will override my chosen f/2 as it maxed out at 1/250th and opt for a higher f stop. You can see it on the top LCD too, it will show f/3.4 or f/8 or f/16 or f/22. And this has worked for me in the past.

Yeah the one of the kiss looks strangely shallow in depth of field, I wouldn't have expected that. Incorrect meter reading? The meter has worked wonderfully in the past, I don't know how that could be the issue. I do wish this camera had TTL metering, and more "normal" buttons so I could easily shoot manual exposure like every other camera I have.