H.V., your negs look fine, the only thing I'd pick out is the pink-ish marks on the negs below your thumb on DSC_0110.jpg and DSC_0112.jpg - it looks a little like under-fixing to me (unless it's something the scanner's picking up that isn't there - I see you're getting quite some colour fringing there!). Sure some are vastly overexposed, but that's a camera problem and is no reason to give up home processing. You're doing a good job so carry on, especially since you've invested capital into film processing. Nobody gets it right 100% of the time, even us experienced folk have problems sometimes.

The overexposure could be caused by a failing meter cell, wrongly-set film speed, sticky lens aperture, dying battery, sticky shutter or another camera problem. It looks as though it's getting worse as you progress through the film. I'd have the camera seen to, or use/buy/scrounge another camera. But don't give up home processing.

Good luck,