Thanks tkamiya, that was a helpful post. I know my Nikon F90 inside and out, I used it for everything, including street photography until January, when I got the Hexar. So I'm pretty comfortable shooting it, though you might be right that it might be best to stick with one camera. I've done that for the most part -- 7 out of 9 rolls were with the Hexar, 2 out of 9 with the F90, and my Yashica B&W rolls still get sent to the lab as I want to wrap my head around 35mm before tackling medium format processing. Still, if I didn't have the F90 roll processed at the same time, I might question more if it was my processing.

I really don't want to have to give up the Hexar, it's been a dream to use on the streets. So much easier than my Nikon's or my Yashica. So this cleaning - would it be easy to do myself?