Jim - Thanks so much for posting on your Cirkut success. Very inspirational for the aspiring Cirkut shooters out here scattered around the world. I had hope of being retired by this year and having lots of time to devote to my Cirkuts, but it looks like I'll continue working another year, so maybe next year.

There is a 1922 Cirkut shot of our small E Washington farming town hanging in City Hall that I'd love to do a re-shoot of. Unfortunately it was taken from the roof of a building that is no longer there. It would probably take a really tall bucket truck to get the elevation needed. It is surprising how many of the 1922 buildings are still standing.

Did you tape a leader and trailer to your aerial film, or just darkroom load the film onto the take-up drum and sacrifice a few inches? What developing method did you use? How old is your aerial film? Any noticeable fog? I don't see any in your scan, but it is sometimes hard to tell such things on screen.