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That's an idea, but it isn't panchromatic. You will have color/tonal distortions and possibly a rather grainy look where the red areas just don't print (I've seen this using conventional black and white paper to print color negs.)

If you can get hold of some Panalure paper (I have some in my freezer, and no it's not for sale) you could probably make a negative image print of it, then contact print that paper negative onto any black and white paper you chose. I may have to try that with some of my slides - the thought hadn't occcurred to me before!

I wish SOMEONE would come out with a good panchromatic black and white paper for printing color negs in black and white again, now that Panalure is gone. Hey, Simon of Ilford, you listening?
ortho .. pan, i can't tell the difference
its blue, i am sure it would look fine