I will in New Zealand for 8 weeks, from mid March -Mid May. We will be heading to South Island as soon as we arrive in Auckland and slowly work our way back up. We have the use of an old station wagon from a friend for the entire time so transportation is not an issue. I am bringing along a Nikon N90s for 35mm, and Mamiya 6 for my MF. Need whatever guidance available
1. best ASA speed for 35mm and Med format (100 or 400)
2. how much film to bring. I know film is expensive in NZ
3. how useful is a flash for the trip
4. plan on going down west coast of SI , coming back up on east coast. Any suggestions for route is most welcome.
5. route suggestion for North Island

I try to avoid tourist areas, much prefer wandering on less travelled country roads, stopping in small towns and villages.

Any advice, suggestion on is most welcome. Thanks.

Mei Leng