There are still lots of inexpensive SLR options. In Minolta manual focus I have picked up SRT201 models for $25 to $40 with lens, usually the 45/2. Excellent deals to be had but prices are going up just a little bit.

Minolta Autofocus Maxxum 5, have bought four for no more than $15 each and ended up with three good ones. Lenses are also inexpensive, especially the slower kit zooms. If you are patient you can frequently get camera and lens together at a very nice price. I buy these and give them to the grandkids with expired color film and they use the daylights out of them. They look cheap but they are actually pretty tough. Focus is slow but if you can live with that these are great cameras. Excellent exposure systems.

The Pentax P3 camera series are still very inexpensive. My latest example cost me $20 two months ago. If you can live with the 50/2 lenses, which are absolutely great, then you can expect this combo to be in the $40 range.