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There really is nothing wrong with using digital methods to do anything that is proposed. One just needs to exclude the results from APUG galleries.

There are lots of other things that Stone can post in the galleries. And Stone certainly doesn't seem to lack opportunities for participation here , so I'm not too worried.

The APUG galleries are interesting, informative and valuable, but APUG isn't really set up primarily as a gallery resource. Flickr and the like are better for that.
haha yes I certainly post enough.

Honestly I'm still at the"people will copy my images" stage, and APUG feels much safer than Flickr, the fact that only members can see my galley images makes me feel really good.

DPUG Seems to have an open gallery, so I've only posted maybe 5 images there.

I like it here. It's just hard because I don't have a full setup like many of you successful guys, I've never taken a film class, the only "darkroom" I've ever even been in was the Dwayne's photo Kodachrome machine room.

I've been shooting for 18 years but always used a lab, after getting back from my Kodachrome Project trip, I decided to learn the developing side, I've only been developing for a year. I've learned a tremendous amount and have shot more film this year than the rest of my life prior. Most of that was because of APUG. That said the "next step" of printing is many YEARS away as I won't have a home to practice and learn in a darkroom setup for a few years at least. In the mean time I would like to perfect my understanding of the film side, developing, shooting better images, but I can't do that if I can't post them and understand what others like vs what I like.

I'm babbling again...

Thanks, this case is closed as I'll be posting the blue version. However I think it needs to be re-scanned, someone pointed out that there's a line across it which doesn't seem to be in the negative, so something with the scan was off, but we can't talk about that here *facepalm*

Thanks guys, I'm shooting less color anyway as I've basically given up on tracking down the full list of E6 chemistry to make it from scratch, so this shouldn't be an issue much longer, I'm sticking to Polaroids for that, and very little Velvia and NO C-41 (so trade me!! I have a bunch to trade). It's just too expensive and frustrating to figure out the entire formula and obviously can't print anything "traditionally" without great cost.

I digress... I'll do my best to follow the rules I am able to.


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