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There is no ethical issue if you indicate to the viewer what you are doing. For example "Digitally Altered Scan of Kodachrome 35mm Slide." APUG is not the site for presentation of "Digitally Altered" images.

However, If you want to contact print the slides onto Wet Plate and scan those B&W images to post here, that is great.
That's a lost argument, as soon as you scan something it is digitally altered, either by the automated exposure of the scanner or the manual adjustments made before the scan to get it to look "right" even from a print the colors and tones won't match perfectly, just scanning causes them to be digitally altered. So to me it's a silly argument, but as I said I'll do my best to follow the rules as closely as I'm able, that's why I asked this one.

Honestly I've already seen images on APUG where the poster said "color image converted to B&W in photoshop "hanging" in their gallery, so others are already doing it :-p

But I didn't want to do that if it wasn't ok.

And now I won't


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