This is quite annoying and refreshing at the same time....

A while back, I went to a landscape shoot with a friend of mine. I took my Nikon F100 with a zoom lens and shot 6 rolls. As you know, Nikon F100 is one of the later incarnation of Nikon 35mm line and it's quite an advanced camera. Everything is automated with an ability for me to override as I see fit. Along with it, medium zoom gave me all the focal range that I wanted. Along with it, I took a Kodak Tourist, a fixed lens medium format folder (6x9) from 1950s. EVERYTHING is manual on this camera. No auto-anything! I didn't even finish a roll, so there were exactly 6 exposures made. I just finished processing all the rolls.

The best images came out of the Tourist.

As I look back, I took my time in framing, metering, and basically contemplating more with my tourist where as I was snap happy with F100. It's quite annoying that technology (that I paid for!) actually became a hindrance with me using F100 and quite refreshing that simple camera from more than half a decade ago can still hold its own when I used it properly.

Anyone have a similar experience you'd like to share?