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35mm cameras with all those bells and whistles make you lazy -- you can shoot half a dozen and pick the best later. an 8-shot roll makes you stop and think.

our photo editor at the newspaper really hates that new photos with no film training will take their pro digi cameras, spray off a couple dozen or hundred random pictures in high-res raw and then come back and try to crop something good out of that mess.

"Give them a speed graphic and half a dozen film holders to shoot an entire assignment" I tell him, and some days he wishes he could, except many of these kids have never shot film. ever.
Funny, they say the same thing about digital vs 35mm. Personally, I find the 24 or 36 exposure 35mm roll to be the best for my work. 12 shots on 6x6 is too little often, especially when you consider how much more annoying it is to reload. But that's just me.