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It is a mindset, nothing more.
I agree. It's not in the equipment, it's in the Photographer.

Just because some equipment makes it faster, easier or cheaper to pay and spray, doesn't mean you are forced to. You can use an approach that is just as slow and thought-through with fully automatic 35mm cameras or even digital as you do with even large format.

I don't shoot more on the rare occations when I shoot digital than when I shoot with my very simple fully manual Soviet cameras such as my Lomo Smena or my Moskva 5.

That being said, there are occations when a faster flow, and even some amount of pay and spray bursts can be useful, such as sports when timing is important etc, and there are occations when equipment that slows you down can help you restrain yourself, such as when excitement kicks in and adrenalin rushes, but mostly, the process before the trigger is pressed is not in the equipment but in the mind of the photographer.