The revelation is a bit like a near miss with a car, isnt it? Shocking and surprising. It gives pause to reflect.

You do not need a highly automated, bells and whistles, wings-n-things camera for beautiful photography.
It can all be done with a pinhole camera. Or a Kodak Tourist. Or a Speed Graphic. Add to the list.
That automation is taking away from you what you should be doing, what you should be thinking about (which you did with the Tourist).

You're not alone. My best images now don't come from an EOS1N now, but a Pentax 67 and a pinhole camera, both of which I meter manually.
Importantly, it's how much you know about creating the image you want — visualising it and working toward it. It's not all the camera's fault.
These advanced cameras (so, what are people buying $8,000 digitals for!?) are overkill for anything other than high speed sports, aerial, surveillance or studio/modelling work where speed, automation, reliability and refinement are requisites. I don't see how they are suitable for landscape work compared to bigger, better formats that require a more conscious, worked approach toward creating the image e.g. medium format, large format, ultra-large format...