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Funny, they say the same thing about digital vs 35mm. Personally, I find the 24 or 36 exposure 35mm roll to be the best for my work. 12 shots on 6x6 is too little often, especially when you consider how much more annoying it is to reload. But that's just me.

Remember how big those other formats are out there. For example, 6x7 is a full 400% bigger than 35mm, 6x6 not far behind it.
Yes, I know how good the bigger format (manually metered) prints look alongside the 35mm bespoke Ilfochromes out of a high end SLR.

Yes, 120 film loading is a rip-roaring fumblefest, fraught with swear words way too naughty to print here (I'm no prude, sweets, and I can let anything and everything within earshot "have it"!). Yep, 10 to 12 images at most, maybe even a blank from tripping the shutter when you shouldn't have. And if you know what you're doing, those 10-12 pics be the best images you ever created.