I'm newish to home processing as well (3-4 yrs?). I've had difficulties too.
My experience is home processing of film is a necessary step that needs to be completed in order to permit the creativity that is wet printing. Lab processing seems to produce consistantly average results while my own processing seems to produce generaly good but occaisionaly catastrophic results. (fixer before developer anyone? at least i'm in the 99%...). Add the astonishing lattitude created by film processing combined with printing exposures/grade/burn/dodge/different papers/developers/processes etc etc and I'd say you're considering giving up before you've even started on the fun part!
Seriously, that scan and gimp/photoshop editing is frustrating, limiting and ulitmatly unrewarding. I only do that for a very occaisonal colour roll to fuflfill specific requests that I'm unable to decline (family...).
B.T.W my most recent RF CLA (yashica electro 35) was $AU150. But aussie wages/labour costs are very high.

good luck!