Arrived in BKK late last night, to a cornucopia of postcards from rounds 25, 27 & 28!! For round 27 I received:

Black Dog
- “The photograph Announces...” - An interesting effect, that keeps me wanting to know more about what the images are.
Rai - “National Palace des Invalides, Paris” - Love the colour effect on this image. It suits the subject beautifully.
Lori's - "Yellowstone Park" - one of the places on my bucket list for next time I'm in the US. Nice leading lines from the sand to the mountains behind.
Bluejeh - "Path through Trees" - the trees as a canopy over the path, add an air of mystery to the image. "Where am I, and where does that lead?"
Bluejeh2 - "Creek near Cultus Lake BC" - I love images like this, and the blur on the water makes the spot feel even more serene. (Your paper choice has me thinking of grabbing some to try, as it reminds me of paper from the 50s.)

Only 4 outstanding from yet another super round: afrank, hoffy, Kav & Kc2edh