A nice group of cards waiting for me, for Round 28:

Jim17x : "A Couple of Ducks" - a nice peaceful scene with some great catchlights on the water;
Drpsilver : "Cairn, Macugnaga, Italy" - love the tones and grittiness of the subject;
anikin : "Honest Officer" - great shot! Who would have thought. . . . . totally reminds me of a new house that was built recently with the pole right in the middle of their driveway.
mooseontheloose : "Stranglehold" - Infrared how I miss thee!! A great subject to capture on this film. Think I have some myself - now I need to give it a go.
mikewilde : Cards 1 & 2 bring back memories of my first visit to the US. I also shot quite a lot of images at the Korean War Memorial and the night time version you have produced does it even more justice. The Capitol building also looks quite majestic as an evening image too. The colour image of the actress in a 1920s style dress, has certainly captured her sense of fun.

Have a photo shoot over the weekend, so my cards will be in the post early/mid next week.