I think no matter where you live there is a certain amount of insanity from time to time. I live in Nebraska where there is certainly insanity (5 murdered in bank robbery 100 miles to the NW and the 11 bodies found in a grain car in Denison, Iowa, 70 miles to the NE in the last month), but I don't think it matters to my photography. I grew up in the Great Plains where the beauty of the scenery is subtle and the people are freindly and warm if you are honest and straight forward about your intentions.

A lot of my work consists of more detail and abstract images, and a continuing body of work on the interface between the rural and the urban. I also am doing more portraiture work and do more indoor studio type work during the sometimes extreme winters.

If I had grown up in Northern California or New York or lived there now, my work would probably gravitate and center on those subjects. I suppose the pace of life where you live matters also. there is probably quite a difference between working the streets on NYC and shooting an endless horizon and sky with only a few thousand inhabitants within 100 miles.