For sale loads of darkroom equipment plus many other photographic items including:

-Meopta Opemus 6 Super 6x6 enlarger,

-Vipo Combi enlarger timer,

-14x18inch enlarging easel,

-Paterson Focus Finder,

-Jessops enlarging lens, 50mm, f1:3.5 (made in Japan),

-Schnaider-Kreuznach Componon lens, 80mm, f1:5.6, boxed with adapter ring,

-Paterson Super System 4 Developing Tank,

-Ilford SL1 Darkroom Light,

-6x Paterson 16x20inch (40x50cm) developing trays,

-5x Paterson 12x16inch (30x40cm) developing trays,

-4x Paterson 8x10inch (20x25cm) developing trays,

-Manfrotto Professional Tripod with ball head,

-Velbon DF 60 Tripod,

-Tamrac Expedition 5 Professional Photographic backpack,

... and loads of more of b&w chemistry, FB paper, developing reels, jars, chemistry storage bottles, thermometers, films etc...

All items are in very good condition and all functional, lenses clean etc.

Because of the size of the item it can be only picked up personally from Kenmare, Co.Kerry, Ireland. Prize 50.

Grab yourself a bargain.