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Alright so looking at the map, and the photos...I'm really looking forward to this!
Just a reminder that about a hundred posts back I mentioned the park prints a fold out map. I have gathered a pile of them. They will be available when you arrive. Just ask if you don't see them. If you want a guide hang out with Shawn, Lee or Dorothy, although D freely admits she has no idea where she has been or is at that moment. Look out for that Bannow guy unless you want to spend all your time at the ice-cream store.

I talked to a Ranger yesterday as the Girls and I were about to start a very muddy hike. He said they are going to be hit badly by the sequester. If that is still in effect by the event some things may have changed since others were last here. He said layoffs would mean the bathrooms would not be cleaned very often. Specific sites that had open hours might not be opened for the same amount of time as before. For those expecting a sunrise opening, sunrise might come about noon. Just check the signs the night before.