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A friend (layperson) asked me the other day: How many people are seriously stockpiling and freezing color negative and color transparency film recently (within last few years) for long term future use.

So let's say to qualify for "serious":

-Still Film bought fresh (within expiry)
-Stand alone freezer or fridge dedicated to film
-3 cubic feet or more
-can include discontinued B&W such as Plus X and Kodak TXP 320 Roll, etc..

I'm going to guess average of 2 per US state and twice that total worldwide
I would think a lot more than that, I mean even I have 2 cubic feet of film an a dedicated mini fridge/freezer and I've spilled over into the meat freezer. And I don't have very much film... There are a minimum of 150 daily active users who I bet have more than that, and that's just on APUG


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