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I really like your last 3 paragraphs, very good.

I've accepted what it is now.

To the other poster who said I was calling attention to myself, well I was simply clarifying, I don't think it wrong to ask a question you are unsure of.

There's a photo right now in the image gallery's 1st page that clearly says by the poster that he dodged and burned digitally because he doesn't have a darkroom and everyone is praising his photo, so it's a bit confusing for me to understand what others "say" about the rules and who actually follows them.

And John, (jnononon or whatever his name is haha) there's more to my home situation than I care to discuss on APUG but I have NOWHERE to set up even a temporary darkroom. I'm lucky if I'm allowed to use the sink to process half the time. I've even lost a roll because I was mid develop and was DEMANDED to move, it's not great here for film. I don't know where you live, PM me.


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sorry to hear about your processing dilemma ... no garage or basement ? processing sheet film
can be as easy as putting the film in a tupper ware tray and leaving it alone for 1/2 hour ( thats like what i do )
and fixing it in the same tray, and washing it in the same tray,
printing its just 3 trays and a light bulb .. heck, you can even do it in your car

oh, im "here" just north of you about an hour and a half ..