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I'd really like to shoot the remaining pack films in my 4x5 cambo; I know there's backs for this, but they're $200 and up it seems.

Has anyone succeeded in adapting, say, an MF back to slide into a 4x5? I know it won't use the whole image area and you'd need to mark the ground glass... wonder if it's been done. Google doesn't return anything, too many hits for discontinued 4x5 products.

I've adapted a couple 100 land cameras for modern batteries, but i'd like the control and movements of a 4x5... unless there's a pack-film camera solution to look for (tilt, manual controls, and a PC socket for starters...)
The MF pack film backs don't take 4x5 pack film they take a smaller pack film.

There are plenty of people on here, including a few who will probably give you one for free or trade for some of your film.

Since they don't make it any more the value for those backs is certainly not $200 anymore.

Just post a WTB post in the classifieds


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