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If you walked into my place of work with this 'method', I couldn't care less about your expertise. There are better ways to bring people round to your way of thinking.
There's a sense of pride in your anecdote. You seem to really enjoy being a jerk.

This is such a fundamental flaw in social perception, and just general thinking, I can almost imagine exactly what you're like to be around. No, they didn't believe it was better, they almost certainly walked out because of your overbearingly putrid smugness.

i don't think randy was being a jerk at all.
if you know anything about him, you know he is a projectionist at a movie theatre
who knows his craft. you know that over the last few years the studios have
forced theatres to "upgrade" their projection systems to obscenely expensive digital systems
which is forcing the smaller projection houses to not show, while at the same time
making HUGE profits, and cramming poorly projected images down our throats that we pay 10$/ seat for.

the sorry fact is that society is being dumbed-down. ..

what matters is all that matters, and no one really knows what that is yet,
and chances are they won't know until it is too late.