I, too, would suggest the OP's estimate is seriously underestimating the incidence of "stockpiling." By what degree is anyone's guess. Using the criteria provided, I would be considered a "stockpiler." I have an 18 cubic foot refrigerator for archival film storage, the freezer compartment of which is used solely for (unexposed) film storage (three cubic feet?). I also have a stash in my deep-freeze (exact storage capacity unknown...2 1/2 ft X 3 1/2 ft x
4 ft?); as well, I keep a hundred rolls(?) or so of fresh (long-dated) film in my food refrigerator. Current inventory: 250 rolls of E100G (120), 50 rolls of E100VS (120), 346 rolls of E100G (35mm), 65 rolls of E100VS (35mm), 216 rolls of Tri-X (35mm), 104 rolls of HP5 Plus (35mm), 150 rolls of PanF Plus (120), 108 rolls of FP4 Plus (120) and 10 rolls of PanF Plus (35mm). (Oh, and 140 rolls of Kodachrome, mostly in bricks, picked up for between $.90-$1.15/ roll.) Stockpiling? Hoarding? Why so much film? The Ektachrome (both formats) is solely for a two-year planned book project I am currently involved in on Vancouver Island. The black and white? The 120 format materials are for my landscape shooting (I am a passionate outdoorsman); the 35mm film is for general work. Why such a large amount of film for someone who no longer shoots professionally? $$$$ ! I buy all my film from Adorama or B&H (both great places to deal with, so I like to spread around the largesse), and buying in bulk makes sense considering the shipping costs reflect the bi-coastal travel.