I like the minimalist approach. I am not a big fan of a camera that has many buttons, switches and dials. I don't care for cameras that require two hands and multiple button presses to do something as simple as change the shutter speed or change the film speed.

I definitely admit to being a throwback.

I don't mind having LEDs in the viewfinder, although a sweeping needle still works for me. And I've found that as long as you don't pound on your cameras, that needle probably will still work correctly 35 years later (Nikon F2A, FE).

If the meter doesn't work, I'm OK with using a handheld meter.

The great thing about photography is that there is a camera out there for everyone. From those who want nothing more than a box and a lens to the folks who really enjoy and thrive using the latest gear.

So, there probably is no right or wrong answer to this question, because each of us want and expect something different in a camera. And that's OK.