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Just to clarify, there are two sizes of Fuji pack film that can be used/adapted for use on view cameras.
The two sizes of film use different size backs.

3.25 X 4.25 Fuji pack is still [freshly] produced: 100 ASA color is FP100C, and 3200 ASA b&w is FP3000B.
These films use Fuji PA-145, or Polaroid 405 backs. These backs can be purchased used for $40-$75 USD.
The pack film for these backs cost $6.50-$9.00 per ten (10) shot pack. Less then a dollar a shot.

*** Production of 4 X 5 Fuji pack film ceased over a year ago. These were FP10045c and FP300045b. ***
*** Instant pack film can't be frozen for long term storage; the cellophane(?) developing pods can rupture if frozen. ***

The film backs for 4 X 5 pack film are Fuji's PA-45 or Polaroid's 550.
Yes, these backs have routinely sold at over $150 USD.
When produced, 4 X 5 pack film cost $26-$35 USD per ten (10) shot pack. Three dollars a shot.

Who knows where the price of 4 X 5 pack film film will go now. This is a different scenario then when Polaroid ended production. Polaroid ended 'all' production, 'all' sizes.
Fuji only discontinued one size (4 X 5), then thinned the herd of available emulsions/film speed in the smaller size.

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i'd be very interested for you to reveal the source of the PA-145 for fresh film for that price