I am fairly new in color processing so bear with me. I've done B&W for a little enough while. I am now processing C-41 and printing RA-4 at home with all Kodak Chemicals. I shoot 35mm film exclusively.
I fairly have some basics , but I'd like to know more in depth all the variables from A to Z to account for to get a very sharp print with good contrast. I know this is a broad subject, but I'd like to sumarize to make sure I have done all I can to get a very sharp print , short of coming close to Digital Prints, that is what I am familiar with. My early attempts to print something close to the quality of digital are far off of course.

I know some of the things that will influence sharpness and contrast are; the film used wth low ISO speed, lighting conditions when shooting, etc. but from the processing and printing perspective: what are the things to consider and work on to get a very sharp print with intense contrast. I have been printing in expired but frozen Endura Paper and wanted to try Fuji Crystal Type C , but that is not existing.

thanks for the tips and insight,