Awww, a BIG thank you to everyone! It's nice to know there are people that care enough to help. Everything I learned, I learned by myself...scrounging around on the internet. I've been dying to work with large format and thought it really couldn't be that different than 35 mm or a medium format camera with a meter. Boy, I was wrong!! I wasn't getting EI, because first of all, I didn't realize that I should have a light meter!! (DUH). I went through the entire Speed Graphic Manual but I realized yesterday morning, I didn't know how to change the film's ISO on the camera, LOL, until I thought about it a bit. Now the whole EI thing is starting to make sense. Initially, I was figuring I would just take my digital along and use that (and I guess I could, but don't think it would work quite as good as a light meter which I purchased today from B&H). Thank you again for answering all my questions. You folks are wonderful!