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Funny, they say the same thing about digital vs 35mm. Personally, I find the 24 or 36 exposure 35mm roll to be the best for my work. 12 shots on 6x6 is too little often, especially when you consider how much more annoying it is to reload. But that's just me.
I also thought about the digital/film difference.
In theory one can be as careful and deliberate in composition and choice of subjects with film as with digital.
In practice, a devil in the back of most minds forces the photographer to be more sloppy with digital.
That happens to me, partly due to the worse finding system of the digital, and partly due to the abovementioned devil.

Something happens in the background of the mind when one uses film (vs. digital) or large format (vs. small format). More thinking, more selection, and probably even more attention, all of that more or less unconsciously I think.