I think the wrong assumption in the video is that quality is hard to judge.
Quality is never hard to judge for the trained eye, and the trained eye is much more "uniform" in understanding quality than the untrained eye. I mean "quality" meaning "quality" not "art" which can entirely exist without quality.

Art is too subjective for us to spend a word more. It's the typical useless discussion.

"Quality" is different. Quality is blatant when it is there, to the knowing, the trained eye (or taste etc.).

The "knowing" is knowing because he saw thousands of pictures. The mind knows how to differentiate. Human minds inevitably recognizes the best in the sea of the ordinary. It only has to swim enough.

The same can apply to ceramics, watchmaking, cuisine, wine making, leather goods etc.

I wouldn't tell a proper Rolex from a faked one. A dealer or a knowledgeable customer (or a thief) would distinguish them at distance.