I'm a lot worse when I have a digital body in my hands. It's not unusual for me to come back with several hundred exposures. With 35mm, couple of rolls aren't all that unusual. I tend to spend up to what I brought with me if I find the subject interesting. I have some where I compose carefully and shoot. Then I tend to take several permutations which tend to waste a lot of frames. Some are experimental so there are some value in that.

When I had 8 frame limit on my Kodak, that was it, so I examined each scene carefully. Did I miss anything? I guess it's depends on a point of view. It would be impossible to take some of the shots I took with my other gear but I did make some interesting composition (if I may say so myself) because of the limitation I had.

Thinking back and considering many of my "photo trips", what's kind of interesting to me is, my "keeper per trip" rate doesn't seem to change all that much despite number of the shots I take....

What troubles me about this equipment thing is, I tend to take stuff to cover all the 'what-if' situations. That means I'm carrying from ultra wide to tele and a flash. (they are often zooms) It makes me think, is it really necessary? Maybe one ultra wide and one normal? I haven't narrowed this down, yet.