I recently found my first camera. Hard for me to believe, but I was cleaning out some boxes in a closet, and I came across some of my old cameras, including my Instamatic 100. I thought that this camera had long ago disappeared. I must have rescued this camera from my parents house at some point. Iím sure I saved it because I knew it was my first camera. My parents house went thorough several floods in the 1980ís and maybe thatís when I saved the camera. It looks like itís been through a flood. The floods unfortunately destroyed some of my negatives, a lot of my Cibachrome prints and my sisterís darkroom. I thought the big boxes of family snapshots were also destroyed, but when I asked, my sister has saved a lot of the photos and negatives. She sent me one of the boxes and I managed to find one of my first photos. My parents gave me the camera in 1963 or 64 Ė I was in the 1st grade. The Instmatic 100 was the latest and greatest thing from Kodak Ė and perfect for a 6 year old. Nothing to adjust on the camera Ė just push the button and wind the film. My class had won a trip from the Grapette Company on the Reader Railroad (also amazingly still in business). I believe the image is from inside the caboose. I used to have some images from inside the coaches and along the route. Maybe Iíll find some of the other photos in one of the other boxes my sister has. There was a partially exposed roll of Kodacolor II in the camera Ė I finished off the roll and sent it to Film Rescue but nothing came out. Maybe Iíll have to find some film and try out the camera again. Finding the camera and photo just reminds me how you canít just throw your digital photo is a big box in the cupboard and still have them 50 years later.