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I think we kind of need to step back and realize we all do this for FUN.
I really don't think we need to be SO critical and hard on ourselves??
If that was for me, thank you! I agree and when I re-read my post it sure does sound awfully serious. Especially that last blunt sentence "I'll go remove it now..." That seemed to convey a seriousness I don't feel at all. Believe me, I am having a blast with photography right now and it has never been more fun!

I'm also willing to be a "purist" when it comes to APUG. I did remove my two paper negative scans. I don't mind erring on the side of "being more pure analog"... that's perfectly fine and it fits with what I'm doing and where I'm going very well. My aim is the print itself and not the digital representation of it. No worries! I will be very happy to make contact prints and upload scans of them instead... that's great.