My take-away from the W speed article that these different speed ratings are compared based on how well they correlate to the "Picture Tests".

Then the writer makes an outlandish statement that I will challenge: "It is, of course, too time-consuming to use the print-judgment method."

"Of course"? "Too time-consuming"?

Look at how much time we spend talking about film speed testing.

It might be fair to say that is more time-consuming than making some prints and showing them to your friends.

I'm not suggesting to throw out the tests... Just providing some necessary perspective.

I still like to test to ASA triangle and 0.1 density. Then I accept Delta-X Criterion as justification that I can use whatever speed I discover when I get as close as I can to ASA parameters... And I use that speed for all my varied development times (N-1, N and N+1 etc.), because it is easier to pick one speed than use a sliding EI... and because it is probably correct.