Yesterday I swapped out a broken LPL 6700 enlarger with a simple two condenser lens (similar to Leitz focamat type, Mars 66 made in Japan brand) enlarger in the darkroom where I teach. It was brand new in the box, and was the only complete enlarger setup in storage, so better a older working enlarger than a empty enlarger station. It fires up and works fine, but the lamp house heats up quickly and gets quite hot especially with extended focusing times. Since I teach a number of kids in this darkroom routinely, I thought a cooler LED solution would be safer.

Has anyone swapped out the typical opal enlarger bulb with an LED type? I am curious if the little LED bulbs that are clustered to make the entire bulb, gives off light that is not even enough for enlarging. I have seen a few LED bulbs in stores, but I can clearly see the smaller LEDs under the diffusing cover clearly when lit up. Because this is a condenser type do you think there is a chance that this would affect the output when printing?

Also should I look for a warmer or cooler color temp bulb? We use variable contrast papers mainly.

Thanks in advance.