There are many people who just can't see the difference and there are many people who just refuse to admit that the can see a difference. Out of the group of people who can see a difference, many of them are quickly loosing the ability to tell the difference at all.
My complaints about movie theaters are that they display the movie too dark. Daytime scenes look like nighttime and night shots look like, well. I've heard they do that to save electricity on the arc used for the light. Less electricity less light in the film projector although I don't know how this applies to digital projectors.

The funny thing I'm only one who apparently notices. When I check with my wife, she says why make a big deal out of it. So I complain to the theatre manager and they say, yes they'll take care of it right away and nothing happens. So I swear off that theatre and go to another that projects dark movies too.

Not one of the other patrons seem to care. So theatres don't care either and display dark film. I want my money back!