i havent stockpiled in a long time.
back in 2001-2 +/- a year
i bought 2000 sheets of 4x5 film,
and 2000 sheets of 5x7 film
and i have nearly used them all up.
once in a while when i see a good deal
i "binge" but i wouldn't say i stock pile
the 4x5 sheets were 65 each
the 5x7 sheets were 1 each
the rolls have been more expensive.
i don't bother with a freezer, shelf stored
in a room whose temp is about 68 seems OK
even for 400+800 iso for me at least
and if its a little foggy i don't really care ...
ihave a bunch of paper too, and i like aged paper
for paper negatives, and eventually for lith printing
when i get around to it ...