I have a bit of a stash in the freezer, but my biggest problem is using it up. I have a tendency to take a few rolls out when I'm going to go shoot and then not use it all, and not put it back. Then six months later I look in the bag and have 5 rolls of 35mm and 7 rolls of 120 that have been out of the freezer for who knows how long and I relegate it to Holga use 'cause it might be starting to go downhill.
But I do keep a certain amount in the freezer because I can hide things like Tagalongs or mini Ben and Jerry's under it.
It is nice to be the one in control of the freezer.

No idea why, but I buy clothes on sale whenever possible, but I don't look for sales on film or paper. Saving a few cents per roll doesn't get me the way saving $ on some shoes does.